School Based Services

We empower youth to identify and understand life's challenges and see the benefits of a clean and sober lifestyle. Services are confidential, client-centered, and convenient. Intervention and education are focused on enhancing their abilities to be successful, improve social outcomes, and build pro-social behaviors.

The School Based Motivational Enhancement Service is a counseling approach that helps students resolve doubt about engaging in treatment and stopping their drug use. This approach aims to motivate and change rather than guide the student through the recovery process in steps.


The Program is open to all students, whether they are current substance users or are simply interested in learning about the negative effects of substance use. Students must be in high school or middle/intermediate school.

Services Offered
  • Substance use counseling
  • Prevention education
  • Vaping support groups
  • Links to community resources
  • Workshops for students, parents, and school staff
  • Referral to higher level of care if needed
What's the Cost?

Participation is FREE! Including all off campus activities, meals, snacks, and transportation. Parent permission is required for all off-campus activities.

Who Can Refer a Student?

Referrals are accepted by school staff, or a student can self-refer. Once a referral is received, BISAC staff will notify the student's school and schedule an appointment on campus.


BISAC takes confidential information seriously and is covered under the Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Record regulations. (42 CFR Part 2)